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Black Folks, It’s Time to Stop Taking Care of White People

ESSAY # 2:

The Irresponsibility of ‘What Happened, Miss Simone?’





Why Bree Newsome’s Action Was The “Amazing Grace” I needed

(click link to read) http://www.yesmagazine.org/peace-justice/why-bree-newsome-s-grace-is-more-amazing-than-barack-obama-s




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The Value Of Dead Black Men (creative nonfiction)



‘Beyonce’ Serenades Teenage Boys & Black Feminists


White People Don’t Get It Because They Never Had to


The Gentrification of Black Film



The End of The White Girl (Of course, it happened in Brooklyn)



‘Hobby Lobby,’ and a Woman’s Right to Sexual Exploration


ESSAY #10:

Tarantino’s Candy (Slavery In The White Male Imagination)

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10 thoughts on “featured essays

  1. Thanks for heart touching essay, I have experienced couple of instances where people shown racism on nationality, color. Racism is still challenging issue in most of the countries today. By no means is racism as overt as it was fifty years ago with enforced segregation, but today racism is more covert and often hides behind closed doors to only strike out when least expected. We can expect racism will continue to decrease only through education.

  2. i’d be interested in having you speak at our church if you would. I don’t know how you feel about religion. what you have said in this article and your response to the 12 years a slave film were very helpful to me.

  3. beautiful beautiful article re victims of abuse ie Dylan Farrow – everyone should read this – dead on right – knifeblade accuracy and elegant compassion – thank you so much Tanya Steele for this most important article

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