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Former Crisis Intervention Counselor to victims of domestic violence, people who were suicidal, incest survivors and sex offenders. Commitment to violence cessation led her to Produce Radio. Radio programs include “Rape, Incest & Domestic Violence- Making the Connections.”

Awarded Fellowship to NYU Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Dramatic Writing Program. Mid-year set sights on NYU’s Graduate Film Program. Transferred to film department after receiving Dean’s Fellowship. 2nd-year, short film won Director’s Guild of America (DGA) Award for Best African-American Student Filmmaker. Received M.F.A. from NYU Tisch School of the Arts- Graduate Film Program.

Awarded IFP/NY Emerging Narrative Award & Slamdance Screenwriting Award for feature-length screenplay ‘The Parachute Factory. The script explores violence as a ‘rite of passage’ for young people in America.


Current Projects

In development on feature-length screenplays: ‘The Parachute Factory’ and ‘Aria’, Writer & Director on both.

At work on a Memoir which includes observations about America, race, violence, sexuality and pop culture.

Freelance Writer: Shadow & Act/IndieWire,, Article topics include: ‘The death and genius of Whitney Houston’, ‘Quentin Tarantino’s- ‘Django Unchained’ (Slavery in the White Male Imagination). Writings are observations and critiques of the culture and cinema.

Resides in Brooklyn, NYC.

Favorite haunts: Florence, Italy & Paris, France & Belmar, NJ (hometown).


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5 thoughts on “Contact & Bio

  1. Just saw your post on Indiewire about Trayvon Martin. Yes, we do have to stop looking out for the feelings of racist folks and just start letting them recognize that they feel uncomfortable when a black persn walks into a cheese store because they have a friggin problem.

    By the way — you wouldn’t happen to be talking about the cheesemonger place in Crown Heights? I ask because… how many cheese stores can really be opening at one time in New York City?

  2. I just read your article on the Trayvon Martin Trial it was sublime. I like the way that you speak with conviction and truth. I live in Mississippi and that is not heard of down here. On the night that they announced the verdict all of the africans said that we better not go out at all this weekend, wow. They were really afraid. Like you said nobody wants to address it but it is there. I have a Travon that was in a similar situation only when he ran and was not given an opportunity to make it out he did what survival instinct said do and he fought for his life and won. Now he is going on trial Nov 4, 2013(please pray for us because they will no doubt try to give him life especially since we only have a court appointed attorney) for two counts of murder and the evidence proves that he was in the right but they gave him an opportunity to plea to 40 years, which he rejected. We have reached out to every african civil group and organization there is only to be ignored or denied, no money to be made no support. All of it is not the caucasions, alot of it is us. We have gotten to passive, lazy, and money hungry. A seed has been planted in the minds of our people and we chose/choose to water it and let it sprout within us. Our people are afraid Tanya and like you I have a dream to help them over come that fear, because only a fear like that should be towards displeasing the Lord. I commend you on your stand and if there is anything I can do please contact me at 662-346-1808

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